Welcome to Dublin! Fáilte!

Earlier this year, we 6th graders got the chance to spend our language trip in Dublin!
We arrived on Sunday the 2nd of October and were warmly welcomed by our host families. We met up the next day for our orientation tour through Dublin, where we also learned a lot about the country’s history. Our program was packed with interesting destinations such as Trinity College with its famously beautiful library, the amazing Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Croke Park and the „Jeanie Johnston“, a boat museum, which taught us about the potato famine that plagued Ireland in the 1840s.
Every day we took part in afternoon language classes before returning home to our host families and we were also given a lot of free time to explore the neighbourhood or go shopping in the city. On Thursday, we even went bowling after our classes! On Saturday, we took a trip by bus to visit the historical prison in Wicklow, after which we took a stroll through the beautiful landscape of Glendalough. Sadly, it also marked the end of our journey. We departed on the 9th of October.
Overall, we had an amazing time, made unforgettable memories and even learned some Irish words. (Fáilte! = Welcome)
Thanks for having us, Dublin! It was a blast!

(Melina Neureiter, 6B)