environmental project

To help save the environment, our school decided to do an environmental awareness week from May 20th to May 24th. In order to guarantee the success of this project, leaflets were distributed for both students and teachers, informing them about the most important steps. The purpose of this project was to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our blue planet and encourage students to use their bike more often.

Several measures were taken:

  • A great number of students and teachers went to school by bus or bike. Those who couldn’t do so, including some teachers, staff and parents, were asked to pay a 1€ fee, which will be donated to an environmental charity. Students themselves were responsible for collecting the money from the parents.
  • The green areas in front of our school were used to come together, learn outside or have picnics.
  • Since the beverage dispenser was turned off, students could not buy any plastic bottles. Instead, the school cafeteria and kitchen mainly offered fresh organic food and beverages.
  • Instead of using capsule coffee makers, teachers drank filter coffee.
  • Students created posters and attached small sheets on doors saying: “Respect Our Nature”. Also, some classes made others aware of how to separate waste properly. Even plush toys wrapped in plastic were scattered in school to draw attention to the plastic waste on our planet.
  • Students were reminded to always switch off the lights, close the windows, tidy up their classroom and put up their chairs.

All in all, the project was a huge success and both, teachers and students, really enjoyed this environmental week at St. Ursula.

Mag. Claudia Hannerer