Sprachreisen der 6. Klasse Gymnasium

Jedes Jahr steht für die sechsten Klassen des Gymnasiums eine Reise nach England oder Irland auf dem Programm. Neben dem täglichen Sprachunterricht an einer Sprachschule (mit Zertifikat) an den Vormittagen gibt es viel Gelegenheit, das Land zu sehen.


Welcome to Dublin! Fáilte! 2. - 9. 10. 2022

In October 2022 we 6th graders got the chance to spend our language trip in Dublin!

We arrived on Sunday the 2nd of October and were warmly welcomed by our host families. We met up the next day for our orientation tour through Dublin, where we also learned a lot about the country’s history. Our program was packed with interesting destinations such as Trinity College with its famously beautiful library, the amazing Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Croke Park and the „Jeanie Johnston“, a boat museum, which taught us about the potato famine that plagued Ireland in the 1840s.

Every day we took part in afternoon language classes before returning home to our host families and we were also given a lot of free time to explore the neighbourhood or go shopping in the city. On Thursday, we even went bowling after our classes! On Saturday, we took a trip by bus to visit the historical prison in Wicklow, after which we took a stroll through the beautiful landscape of Glendalough. Sadly, it also marked the end of our journey. We departed on the 9th of October.

Overall, we had an amazing time, made unforgettable memories and even learned some Irish words. (Fáilte! = Welcome)

Thanks for having us, Dublin! It was a blast!

(Melina Neureiter, 6B)


Dartmore Adventures 17. - 26. 10. 2018

Beforehand none of us, the 6G, had any idea what to expect from this trip. If you want to know what we experienced in England, you should keep on reading and get the details.
Our school trip took place in late October and led us to the South-West of England, more precisely to Tavistock, Devon.

On Wednesday morning, the 17th of October 2018, we took a flight to London Heathrow. After five hours of riding on a bus we all felt relieved to arrive at our final destination: Moorland Hall.

During our visit we did a lot of different activities. From sport activities, like mountain biking through the Dartmoor or archery, to cultural activities like the visit to Buckland Abbey. A lot of interesting content was dealt with in the English classes and our skills of eloquence were required for a debate considering Brexit.

On the weekend we went on bigger excursions, e.g. visiting Looe and Plymouth, watching a Rugby game, and body boarding in Widemouth Bay – which was our personal favourite.

Some said that our stay in England may have been too good to be true. This might have been the case, because our journey home did not go as we planned. Our connecting flight was cancelled and we had to stay a night in Düsseldorf.


England 16. - 25. 10. 2017

In October 2017 the classes 6A and 6B set off on a language study trip to England. The first three days we stayed in the ancient Roman city of bath. Afterward we drove to Moorland Hall in Tavistock. In Mooland Hall we spent seven great days with lessons, sport activities and lot of fun. We all enjoyed this unforgettable journey and want to say thank you to our teachers, Frau Professor Herbst, Frau Professor Schröger-Gassner and Herrn Professor Breitenfellner for the accompaniment.